Accommodation And Hotels In Venice Italy

Hotels in Venice Italy During The Venetian Masquerade Masks Carnival

The famous Venetian Carnival dates back centuries and is a busy, vibrant time of year for the city. People come from all over the world to experience the city during this amazing spectacle, which runs from February 19th to March 8th. Due to overwhelming demand, hotels in Venice Italy are expensive and booked early during Carnival. Getting the best value for the money while this event is going on requires a little luck and a lot of advance research, even if cheap hotels in Venice are the goal. Since Venetian hoteliers never have a real slow season, it is important to see what visitors have had to say about accommodations, no matter how charming the location.

A prime location is essential as there is a lot to do. This centuries old tradition is celebrated through concerts, theater shows, historical re-enactments, films and of course, elegant masquerade balls. The streets are crowded with throngs of revelers, all likely staying in one of the city’s hotels. So the first thing to remember when looking at cheap or luxury hotels Venice has to offer is to book far in advance.
Hotel Metropole Venice
Finding a great place to stay is made easier through the use of hotel booking websites where reviewers weigh in on their experiences with candor. The Hotel Metropole Venice is one of the better choices, according to previous guests, and offers decadent quarters and splendid customer service. Some of the rooms offer views of the Lagoon and are situated only a stone’s throw from Saint Mark’s Square (the Piazza San Marco in Italian.) This social and religious center of the city is where the famed St. Marks Church and five hundred year old Clock Tower can be found.

Diners can enjoy the Hotel Metropole’s Met restaurant, rated 2 stars by Michelin, or make their way to the streets for other choices within a short distance. With 67 rooms, this small hotel receives high marks for beauty, dining and room atmosphere, and is one of the better values for bigger budgets available during Carnival.
Hotel Danieli Venice
Other options such as the Hotel Danieli Venice also offer magnificent views, luxury and service. In Venice, location it an important factor and the danieli does not disappoint. They are located close to a water bus stop and offer many rooms with Grand Canal views, some newly remodeled and full of tasteful antiques. One of the points that stood out among the majority of reviewers was the excellent and friendly service.
Hotel Principe Venice
The Hotel Principe Venice offers a similar experience. It is in close proximity to the ferry service and train station, provides a delicious breakfast and has rooms decorated in Traditional Venetian or Contemporary styles. The building overlooks the canal and the richly decorated bar is an excellent place to enjoy a drink and take in the view. Pets are allowed if cleared with the management ahead of time and children under 2 stay for free. As with many hoteliers in Venice, internet and WiFi are available, but steep hourly prices are charged to use them.
Hotel Rialto Venice
The Hotel Rialto Venice is a distinct experience with 24 hour concierge service, laundry and dry-cleaning service and a beautiful setting with the Rialto bridge sitting just outside over the canal. The bridge is home to two dozen shops and boutiques and surrounded on either end by classic Renaissance architecture. As with the other locations mentioned earlier, the Rialto is situated close to St. Mark’s square, a water bus stop and serves breakfast with a view of the stunning bridge.
Hotel Flora Venice
The Hotel Flora Venice is a stunning site when viewed from the exterior. A blanket of dark green vines covers the walls while leaving the windows unobstructed. The rustic elegance of the rooms, complemented by exquisite furniture, is surpassed only by the comfort of the cozy garden courtyard. If Carnival revelers have energy to spare, the Hotel Flora even provides a fitness center for their guests.
Hotel Kette Venice
While many Venetian hotel rooms are discounted when reserved 45 days in advance, these do not typically apply during Carnival. Nonetheless, an advance reservation will be needed to get any room, much less one with a favorable view. The four star Hotel Kette Venice is no exception. Despite its ideal location in the heart of the city, but far from the busiest tourist areas, guests can get discounts up to 20 percent by booking in advance or during specific months of the year.
Cheap Hotels In Venice
If you can do without the extra luxuries and five star service, there are many bargains to find when searching for just the right cheap hotel Venice has to offer. From $70 to $130 dollars a night, stay at the San Samuele, Locando Florita, or the Ariel Silva. Sure, guest ratings vary wildly at these boutique operations, but at prices a half to a third of the more popular places to stay, everything is still within walking distance to all the splendors of Venice.  

Book a hotel Venice stay well in advance of the trip dates to get the best rates and room choices. Whenever possible, look at pictures of the rooms and read the reviews of previous guests. Regardless of the accommodations, remember that things get busy and expensive during Carnival, so expect a wild cultural experience.