Make Cheap Masquerade Masks

The first things you are going to need to make masquerade masks is a clear surface to work on and some time. Make sure that you cover the work surface with something that you do not mind getting ruined as things could (and probably will) get messy! You could use something like a dustbin liner cut in half or perhaps cover the work surface in cling film, anything really to stop the work surface from getting stained or damaged by the materials you will be using.

Time will be needed as this is not a job you can rush through, it will take a few days and a little patience to make and then decorate your creations.

Instructions to make cheap masquerade masks

You will need
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Old newspapers/magazines
  • Glue (quick drying glue will speed up the whole process)
The first thing you will need to begin making your mask is the tinfoil. Tear pieces of tinfoil off the roll at least double the width of your face and then fold it so it is doubled up.

Mold the tinfoil around your face in the rough shape that you would like the masquerade mask to be. If the tinfoil you are using is very flimsy you may want to try tearing off a greater length and folding it over more than twice and then molding it to your face until it holds its shape quite well as you do not want to have problems later with the tinfoil base collapsing when you are trying to apply the paper mache. This is the last thing you want!

Once you have made the initial base you will want to get the paper mache prepared, I will go into detail about how to do this in a later post for those of you who do not know how this is done, but for now I will assume that you already know how to make preparations for this. Now, do not make up too much in one go. As I said, this is a time consuming exercise that will take a few days so be prepared to either leave that work surface in a mess for a while or clean up a few times after each application of paper mache.

I would suggest just leaving it in place while each new layer is applied so as to avoid pushing things out of shape by accident, if needs must however you can carefully move your masquerade mask to a safe area where it will not be disturbed after each new application.

Apply the first layer of paper mache to the tinfoil template for your masquerade mask and allow it to dry, apply to both the inside and outside so that you do not have sharp tinfoil edges against your face once the mask is complete. Allow to dry and then repeat around four times, if you have ditches in the mask prior to the final application that you would like to remove try melting some candle wax into the areas in question and spreading it with a butter knife to even out the surface nicely. Now you can apply the final layer and prepare for decoration.

If you are decorating completely with glitter, now is the perfect time to apply while the final layer is still wet. If you are going to paint the mask first and then apply glitter or other materials to certain areas then I recommend allowing it to dry completely before proceeding.

I think that's quite enough on the basics to create the base for cheap masquerade ball masks, there are a few more things you might want to know. I'll be back shortly with more details on how to continue in the creation of your Venetian ball masks.