Masquerade masks

Welcome to Venetian masquerade masks ball

Apologies for this first post, it is a little here, there and everywhere as it is more of an overview of what 'Venetian masquerade masks ball' (this blog) is about than anything else. I will get into a little more detail about different things relating to ball masks on the posts and pages in time.

If you are looking for masquerade masks then the first thing you should know is that there are many, many different designs and more than one way to procure one of these many varieties. The different designs will obviously be introduced to you as you browse the online masquerade masks stores, you can find anything from plain white masquerade masks (blank masks) to peacock masquerade masks out there!

Rather than buy masquerade masks, some of you may choose instead to make your own masquerade ball masks if you would like to save some money, making cheap masks is not too difficult but it can be a little time consuming however. You might even be able to make yourself a little money if you get good at it and decide to sell your creations on for a profit.

People buy these masks all the time either for decorative purposes or of course to wear to Mardi Gras or Venetian masquerade ball events. These are not the only celebrations that will require a Venetian mask in this day and age however, people might need a one for prom, a masquerade themed wedding and a lot of people even wear these types of masks during the Halloween period.

The origin of the Venetian masquerade mask is of course Venice in Italy. I'm guessing that I didn't really have to go as far as to tell you this but I did want to clarify for this for everyone reading who might not know, sorry if I was stating the obvious to some of you.

There are reports that masquerade masks were used way before the Venetian masks were born, this is another subject which I intend to explore at a later date however.

Another thing to set straight is the spelling of masquerade, many people misspell it and write something like 'masqurade mask' which is not terrible by any means but I thought I might point this out.

I did also think that 'Maskerad mask' was another terrible mis spelling but it turns out that it is just the Swedish translation so more fool me!

Masquerade mask materials
There are a wide variety of materials involved in the making of these items, you can find metal, leather, porcelain, rubber, plastic and paper mache masks on the market. The material which you should use will often depend on what type of occasion or purpose the mask is intended for, some are made as decorative wall masks while others of course are intended for wear.

The higher quality more elegant masks are usually more elaborately decorated, and of course more expensive. These mask decorations may well include feathers, fabric, and even real jewels in the case of very expensive Venetian masks.

Feather masquerade masks
Feather masquerade masks have a variety of feather selections including ostrich and peacock masks. If you are looking for good quality you should look for these types of feathers, they can be bought in many colors including red, white, pink and black.

Cheap masquerade masks
If it is the price range that is worrying to you there is always the option to make your own, like I have stated above, it is not so hard and more information can easily be found on this site. Making cheap masquerade masks is very easily done just by using old newspapers, some glue that dries clear and some sort of decoration. We have all used paper mache as children and this concept really is no different.

Masquerade mask ideas
The main thing to think about when you are designing your own is what you would like to decorate it with. Do you want to create a feathered masquerade mask? Will it also have other decoration on it like tinsel, glitter, sequins or something else? I’m assuming you are not going for the all out golden jeweled mask option here of course, I am recommending making it yourself to keep your costs low.

Before you begin to design your own mask you should plan out exactly how you would like it to look, just throwing it together may well end in disaster! (although you might be able to use the scary monstrosies as masks for Halloween. :-p)

It may even be a good idea to have a pre masquerade mask ball party where yourself and your friends can get together and make several masks. This is not expensive and you could make a few each and select the best for your actual party, why not award some sort of prize for the winner? This is sure to get the friendly competition running which can only result in better creations form all involved.

One word of warning, no taking the diamonds out of your wedding ring to decorate your Venetian ball masks, remember it is just a friendly competition! But hey, no harm in planning ahead so that you design the best mask for the masquerade masks ball now is there? :-D