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If you have a masquerade party coming up and are short on ideas for what kind of masquerade mask you want to wear, there are quite a few different types to choose from. I will try to give you an overview here of a good few of the different sorts of Italian masks and other masks, they all have a history of their own which I will touch on here but would prefer to leave it for further posts to delve more deeply into the history of Venetian masquerade masks. (Or Venice masquerade masks as some like to call them)

Speaking of the history of Venetian carnival masks, I have seen it written that the actual translation of 'carnevale' (Italian for carnival) is probably derived from the Latin words 'carne' and 'vale'. The literal translation of this would apparently be 'farewell to meat' which sounded a little bit odd to me until I found out the religious background to the carnival of Venice.

The carnival was actually a lead up to Lent during which time they were not allowed to consume meat, when you see the translation in this light it makes perfect sense however. Prior to knowing this I had imagined the actual meaning would be somewhat similar to us saying 'farewell to the flesh' (hiding the flesh behind a mask and robes) in today's society, while I was utterly incorrect it seems a far more romantic translation to me than the literal version. :-D

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Bauta masquerade mask

The Bauta mask originally covered the whole face, the chin area below the nose veers outwards to allow the wearer to still be able to eat and drink without having to remove it so as to keep the identity of the wearer preserved.

Bauta masquerade masks are usually covered in gilding of some type which gave them a very ornate look. They were pure white face masks originally. They were worn by either men or women but to my mind they are much more suitable for men in this day and age. Good accompanying dress is a cloak and tricorne hat.

The Bauta masquerade ball mask is one of the most popular to be worn during the carnival of Venice, more recently the Bauta ball mask has been made to only cover from the forehead to the cheekbone and nose area to make eating etc more easy.

A great site to find out more about the history of the Bauta mask can be found at

I hope you found this article on the Bauta type of masquerade mask helpful, see below for a regularly updated list of more information on other types of Venetian masquerade masks that should help you out with your masquerade party ideas.

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