Mens masks for masquerade ball

Two great options for mens masks for masquerade ball parties

There are quite a few different choices of masks for masquerade ball when it comes to what a man can wear, here I'll pick out two of my personal favorites of what to wear to a masquerade party for the males out there.

They are both perhaps the most famous of the Venetian masquerade ball masks and get their origin from the Italian Commedia dell'Arte form of theater. Both are also types of Zanni mask the first is a character I'm sure you will all be familiar with to some extent.

I am talking of course about the 'Maschera Di Arlecchino' or in English terms, Harlequin masks. (Masque d'Arlecchino in French)

Commedia dell'Arte is also where the French Pierrot mask and the English clown originated from along with the characters Hanswurst and Petrushka from Germany and Russia respectively.

Harlequin masks are sometimes also incorrectly referred to as jester masks or jokers masquerade masks which brings me nicely onto my second choice of mens masks for masquerade ball party occasions.

Jesters masks are some of the most delightful to look at and perhaps along with the Harlequin mask are the only types of mens masquerade party masks that can be highly decorated and yet still look masculine. (If just a little bit foolish! Excuse the pun. :-D) Usually it is better for a man to wear a single color Venetian ball mask but as I said, these two mask designs prove to be the exception to the rule.

The female variation of the Jester masquerade mask is known as a jolly mask, Jolly masks are beautiful but personally I believe they are best kept as decorative wall masks. There is something less than flattering about a woman dressed as a masquerade ball Jester. If you must wear Jolly Venetian ball masks ladies, be sure to give me fair warning so I can get my eyes wide shut mask on! ;-)

As for all you guys out there, I hope this was of a little use to you in helping you finds mens masquerade masks that are both suitable and original. Just remember that there is no need to spend an lot of money when you go out there shopping, a mask for masquerade ball occasions needn't cost an arm and leg!